Bello Benischauer

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    Bello Benischauer is an artist (Australia/Austria), working across installation, video and performance art. Spending ten years in various places like South and Central America, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, South and East Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand, India and Europe, results today in a deep connection to world cultures and the varied socio-cultural milieus. Developing his practice through artistic partnerships around the world, he found his own language – presented through numerous installations and projects that aim for a critical social engagement on different levels with his audience. In 2000, he co-founded the artistic partnership ART IN PROCESS together with elisabeth m eitelberger and has been working independently under this partnership since. All his digital work on DVDs and Blu-Ray Disc is distributed by CAM Contemporary Arts Media (Melbourne),  one of the leading consultants and suppliers of films and books for Arts Education. Bello has been touring a solo-exhibition in Australia from 2008 to 2011 called IMPACT & FUSION. Other projects in the past two years included AIRs in Ghana, Portugal, Austria and more recently at Artspace in Sydney. He developed a Commissioned Work for the LIA Lab Inter Arts – Mozarteum University Salzburg in 2010.


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