“art/technology/production/context/mexico” presented by Puig


Session Title:

  • Latin American Forum IV: Current Media Art Practice / Artist Presentations

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  • art/technology/production/context/mexico




  • In Mexico we usually have access to second generation or older devices, and therefore it is a collective effort to keep them working as long as possible. We are great importers and consumers of counterfeit and piracy products, creating a breeding ground for hacking and recycling.

    The production of art involving technologies reflects this particular context. There is a recurrent critical stance in the use of devices that in many occasions are transformed or employed in ways that subvert its original purpose. The social, political and economical circumstance of the country frequently derives in projects with social contents and a highly critical discourse.

    There are important efforts in Mexico, including institutions that specifically support the production of art and technology, grant programs and festivals. And many other entities either official or particular that without being their specialty, recursively insert in their programs such demonstrations. ivanpuig.net/lider.html

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