“Art-Science: Curricular Models and Best Practices (Leonardo Education and Art Forum [LEAF] Meeting)” presented by Shanken, Thomas, Scott and Nikolov(a)


Session Title:

  • Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) Meeting: Art-Science – Curricular Models and Best Practices

Presentation Title:

  • Art-Science: Curricular Models and Best Practices (Leonardo Education and Art Forum [LEAF] Meeting)




  • This meeting addresses difficulties typically encountered while undertaking art-science research, teaching, and when meshing curricula from diverse fields. Following a 20-minute introduction to various aspects of this theme, attendees will participate in one of the 90-minute working group discussions led by the panelists. Issues to be addressed may include: integrating the knowledge base and skills of different disciplines; evaluating the credibility of references and key arguments; locating appropriate collaborators outside one’s field; forging models for interpretation, evaluation, and accreditation. To conclude, we reconvene as a group to identify and share ways to surmount some of the difficulties commonly encountered in interdisciplinary art/science practices and curricula. Our goal is to publish a guide to effective models and best practices.

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