Artistic Technology: Coded Cultures, “Making” and Artistic Research


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  • Hacking and Making

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  • Artistic Technology: Coded Cultures, “Making” and Artistic Research




  • Abstract (short paper)

    The proliferation of information and network technologies has led to a situation where at least some degree of technological skill has become a precondition for social participation. The challenge of facilitating technological literacy has been addressed differently from various players, from the commercial providers of software and hardware, the official educational system, the ‘maker movement’ as well as from the critical approaches of ‘open knowledge’ communities. Do we all have to be ‘makers’? What does technological critique mean in the 21st century? Artistic Technology inquires the “artistic” in technological arts, in a world which is largely dominated by technology. The conditions of technological interventions are questioned, with artistic-technological research and practice. The focus is on the engagement of communities of artists and interdisciplinary researchers with the intention to facilitate technological literacy and to inspire a critical understanding of the social consequences of technology.

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