Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

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Venue Organising Institution(s):

  • City University of Hong Kong

Venue Function(s):

    Academic Conference, Exhibition(s), General Event(s), and Performance(s)


Venue Location:

Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong SAR China


The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center is an academic building on the campus of the City University of Hong Kong. It was designed by Daniel Libeskind and built in 2011. This was the main symposium venue.

Director/Curator's Statement:

When putting together a show of this magnitude, selecting the works is only one of the challenges. Another is the design of the exhibition itself. The impressive geometric exterior of Daniel Libeskind’s Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre encloses a set of inclined walls and tricky corners which make the endeavor more difficult still. Thus the group of works displayed in the CMC leverage the building’s open balconies as a vertical axis, with spaces on the 3rd, 8th and 9th floors providing horizontal counterpoint. Don Ritter and Tobias Gremmler engage directly with Libeskind’s architecture by projection-mapping its contours. Gremmler’s work engages the unique interior angles of the lobby space while Ritter’s ‘Burning Too’ grapples with the facade itself. Ascending through the lobby, the 3rd floor gallery presents an overview of the vast diversity of work featured at ISEA. On one side of the central wall we find the interactive and responsive objects, while on the other we encounter audiovisual interpretations of signal and noise. On the first balcony, ‘The Unuseless Machine for Democracy’ hints at Hong Kong’s recent Umbrella Movement and acts as a base for the vertical axis which rises through a range of artworks also engaging critically with socio-political issues. The 5th and the 6th floors explore different forms of communication, from Goldfish dialogues via the BBC and Baidu News to ‘Memento Mori’. While the Mini Cinema Studio and the immersive panoramic Gallery360 on the 7th and 8th floors invite the audience to discover narratives, documentaries and visualisations, the 8th floor balcony showcases money and sex, with works reflecting on cybersex and its relation to capitalism. The 9th floor showcases the diversity of video forms, exploring immersion, engagement, and disorientation. On the final balcony of the 9th floor, Fleury/Fontaine’s ‘Wait and See’, a work of generative data visualisation, and Van Eenoo’s ‘Rain and Sea’ (both also shown at PolyU) serve to link the two architecturally distinct locations.

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