“Artpoint: Art in the era of new technologies” presented by Corver


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  • Artpoint: Art in the era of new technologies




  • Art in the era of new technologies

    Digital art arouses new emotions, fascinates the public and lends itself to new modes of distribution. Artpoint brings digital art experiences into living spaces to enrich the public experience, promote a new generation of artists and re-enchant spaces.

    From time immemorial, artists have seized upon the tools of their time. It is therefore not surprising that the first experiments in digital art date back to the 1950s, at the same time as the arrival of the first computers. Digital works arouse new emotions, change our relationship to the work and fascinate the public. However, the codes of these works overturn the codes of more traditional works. New distribution models are thus emerging.

    Since 2019, the startup Artpoint has set itself three main missions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JHLWkiO3QM&t=12s

    1. – To promote a new generation of artists by increasing the number of meeting points between their works and the public;
    2. – To democratize access to art by making it accessible, other than in museums;
    3. – Re-enchanting spaces through art.

    Artpoint represents more than 350 international digital artists, with a variety of skills and inspirations, and introduces their work into living spaces through two distinct solutions:

    – The digital gallery: access to a catalogue of over 4000 works, directly accessible on screen;

    – The tailor-made solution: creation and sale of any type of installation combining art and new technologies. Interactive art, immersive art, data-art, digital sculptures, mapping experiences… the field of possibilities is infinite!

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