“Exploration.135 (ocean history telecom invisibility)” presented by Unknown presenters


Session Title:

  • Architectures – Territories (artist talks)

Presentation Title:

  • Exploration.135 (ocean history telecom invisibility)

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Organizations




  • Inspired by bathymetric archives from the Atlantic Ocean, related to telegraphy, the doctoral research-creation Exploration.135 is interested in the relationships between the history of telecommunications, marine geosciences and terrestrial imagery with visual and media arts. Articulating from the current undersea infrastruc-ture of the Internet, this project interrogates our technological and environmental relationship to the world. How has the ocean become a conductive medium for this interconnectivity? How does it reveal a phenomenon of perceptual and infrastructural invisibility of these relationships? Based on the creation process of this research, and the analysis of the installation Transatlantic Visions, realized within the framework of this project, I will present an exploratory narrative of the symbiotic relationship between the environment and perception, the circulation of digital data, topography and oceanic flows, between undersea infrastructures and those of vision in orbit, the geological and technological scales, the ecosystemic interconnections between the cables, the climate and marine microfossils.