“autonomX—Real Time Creation/Composition with Complex Systems” presented by Saunier, Salter, Vermette, Quessy, Demeule, et al. …


Session Title:

  • Complexity Research and Practice

Presentation Title:

  • autonomX—Real Time Creation/Composition with Complex Systems




  • autonomX is an “open source desktop application [that] allows multimedia artists and students to easily and quickly experiment with lifelike processes via a graphical interface in order to generate dynamic, emergent and self-organizing patterns and output these patterns via OSC to control light, sound, video, or even robots in real time” [1].

    The article begins by presenting the background that motivated the production of autonomX. In particular, we describe some histories of artistic and lighting practice involving stochastic systems and the role of vitality in the time-based arts.
    We follow with the presentation of the three core design paradigms of autonomX: generatorsignal, and drawing. The generators are the algorithmic encapsulation of complex dynamical systems (systems that model the temporal evolution of a deterministic set of parameters) in a format that gives rapid and intuitive access to their parameters, without resorting to coding, and visualizes the inner workings of these algorithms on a 2-dimensional lattice. The generators send and receive time varying signals from the implemented algorithms in real time, making the system appropriate for temporal expression and interaction with any computer-driven media. The manipulation of signals is made intuitive to the user by drawing directly on the visualization lattice so that they can easily specify which parts of the system serve as signal inputs and outputs.
    The article then gives an overview presentation of the current version of the software by discussing the main elements of its interface.

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