BaudriR: Who Owns This Text?


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  • Orai, Ownership of Information

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  • BaudriR: Who Owns This Text?



  • MattBayan2: Baud is typing in some shit from a book he has to read for class. It’s esoteric and unconne
    MattBayan2: unconnected.
    MattBayan2: and damn rude.


    ‘BaudriR’ charts the live reproduction in internet chat rooms of Jean Baudrillard’s ‘In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities’. The Semiotext(e) publication has been keyed in, line by line, cover to cover, (including the ISBN number) as BaudriR navigates through a broad cross section of AOL chat rooms: from ‘NAM VETS AND PROUD’ to ‘pokemon forest’, ‘Jesus sucks’ to ‘Car Chat’, ‘Anthro Mating Plains’ to COPS WITH ATTITUDES’, ‘Hillary for Senate’, etc, etc. In the midst of talk about sex, politics, religion, sex, Eminem, or pretty much nothing, the reactions to BaudriR vary from confusion to ridicule and even agression, with just a few people making the Baudrillard connection (see further quotes).


    Full text (PDF) p. 161