Beauty Technology: Seamless Interactions through Interactive Cosmetics


Presentation Title:

  • Beauty Technology: Seamless Interactions through Interactive Cosmetics




  • Beauty Technology is a novel area of research that presents an exploration between the body surface, beauty products and digital technology. The concept stemmed from a multidisciplinary perspective; computing, chemistry, body anatomy, human behavior, electronics and design. By using Beauty Technologies, we are trying to move away from traditional wearable devices worn on clothes and accessories where gestures for interaction and electronics are noticeable. Within this realm, imagine that with a blink of your eye, you could turn on lights, move your fingernails to open a door, and touch your hair to record a conversation (how could we add a new functionality to cosmetics to make them interactive?). This presentation highlights the conscious use of unconscious behaviors in Beauty Technologies in order to create seamless interactions. Several of applications and artworks of Beauty Technologies such as Conductive Makeup, Hairware and FX e-makeup will explain the design of these interactions that translate a human behavior to an input device.