Bloodie Writes an Anthem

  • ©ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Rebecca Ruige Xu and Sean Hongshend Zhai, Bloodie Writes an Anthem


Session Title:

  • Data Visualization

Presentation Title:

  • Bloodie Writes an Anthem




  • In this information-rich era, data is presented to us every day in various audio-visual format. How our senses working together to interpret the information and form our own understanding, particularly how this process reflects our cultural and personal identity and how this process shapes our perception of information, are topics worth investigating. This talk explains the process of making Bloodie Writes an Anthem, a project aims to explore the aforementioned topics via visualizing a poem with a combination of abstract pattern, text, ASMR sound and vocal music.

    Emily Vey Duke’s poem Bloodie Writes an Anthem depicts a vital moment of a young women’s self-discovery, a moment that she sees the light within herself. We attempt to represent the poem with multiple audio-visual means that hopefully allows people to experience the sense of wonder, self-confidence and tranquility of that moment.