“Blurring Borders Between the Real and Digital Worlds” presented by Kim


Session Title:

  • Digital Body and Performance

Presentation Title:

  • Blurring Borders Between the Real and Digital Worlds




  • Borders between the real and digital worlds are blurred by a changed aura through a mediator: digital creative work. By introducing the history of the frame in art, this paper highlights a new perspective to unweave the relationship between the virtual image of an actor and its aura. Furthermore, the author expands the role of viewers who can gain independence and liberty while they participate in digital artwork. Based upon the reconfigured notion of aura in the digital environment from Walter Benjamin’s seminal essay, “Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” this paper argues that digital creative works can use a ‘screen-without-sound’ as a stage in the real world with participating audiences. The digital creative work example of this paper focuses on a network-based screen interactive performance, Telematic Dreaming (1992) by Paul Sermon.