Boxing Match


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  • Fiction and Writing

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  • Boxing Match



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    Boxing Match questions the relation of the real and the virtual and suggests a comment in the form of another space. Arghyro Paouri fights a boxing match by default, watches a kickboxing training session between an art critic and a champion, reads excerpts of the book On Boxing by Joyce Carol Oates, visits the grave of Charles Bukowski, opens the sketching pad of Marcel Duchamp, looks at the Boxing Hare on Anvil, by Barry Flanagan, the photomontage Boxing by Moholy Nagy and the photos of the Boxing Match for Direct Democracy fought by Joseph Beuys the last day of the Documenta 5 exhibition. There are three parts in Boxing Match: eight mute video sequences of the training session between Demosthenis Davvetas, poet and art critic in France and Alain Calendrier, ex Europe’s champion on kickboxing; excerpts of the book On boxing by Joyce Carol Oates and three interactive scenes.