History Time for Compostel


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  • Fiction and Writing

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  • History Time for Compostel



  • Poster Statement

    The 8th of December 2000 ‘To be where not to be’, a three sites web improvisation.

    Each of us can play different instruments: video, performance, info-graphy, programming, networking, sound, scenography; Interconnected Installations, performances, interactive environments connected to the net are emerging from the orchestration of this potential. We keep walking, tireless pilgrims. From the very mud of our country fields to the Rockies, Spain, or as far as the Mongolian Steppes, we keep walking. People and the way they survive into nature are at the aim of our quest. Our meeting with difference creates the birth of networking: dialogs set and opened to a diversity of points of view. Nothing is steady. Shape and media for our pieces depend on, first: the essence originating from and the concepts each project bears and second: the persons and the places.

    the project is addressed to  gigacircus.net