Brainscore: Incorporeal Communication


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  • Online, Brain, Process

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  • Brainscore: Incorporeal Communication



  • »BRAINSCORE« is a system for incorporeal communication. Communication codes, which we developed through consideration of social aspects, are becoming old-fashioned and awkward due to increasing complexity of information technology. While until recently the body presented some help in communication as a gestural interface, it now faces great incompatibility and apathy in transferring and mediating information. We do not refer to the body as a biological construction, which we need to redesign and accelerate to be able to keep up with the techno-evolution. Rather, the body is superfluous in virtual communication environments and can easily be replaced by any virtual entity or data object. The role of a communication mediator, which has been imposed upon by an information environment, moves from the biological body to technological interfaces through semantic and functional layers. Thereby basic codes, which alter perception of communication phenomena, are changing.


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