Breeding Sentience: Queering Lineage and Voguing Enhancement


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  • Breeding Sentience: Queering Lineage and Voguing Enhancement



  • In our indulgence to touch immortality, our fear of being forgotten, our unconvincingly altruistic embrace of selflove, our attempt to get rid of social and biological pressures or simply the uncaring lightness of an inadvertent encounter, we grip the reproductive practice Today’s tales of the birds and the bees are a wholly different reproductive conversation as male fertilization, female ovulation and surrogate gestation have become more and more hacked to respond, not only to the reproductively challenged, but also to a demanding array of kinship design strategies. This panel entitled “Breeding sentience: queering lineage and voguing enhancement” focuses on the enriched experience of procreative manipulation through artistically creative forms of ART (assisted reproductive technology). As critical “reprotech” voices, the six panelists approach the topics of: (a) the unnatural selection of species, (b) the growth of human-animal hybrids, (c) biodiversity and neoeugenic engineering, (d) gender/ genital sociocultural rebalance, (e) matchmaking based on genome sequencing, (f) the impact of preimplantation genetic screening, and (g) prenatal imaging. Our point is that art must be taken into account, to validate the checks and balances, at a time when the ethical limits and the multitude of potential human genetic manipulations are consistently challenged through the practice of formally deregulated principles.