“Caminandar” Expanded book


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  • “Caminandar” Expanded book




  • Creation Social Interface (ISC) is a doctoral research about the interactions between two knowledge interfaces: the community of the island of La Plata in Bahía Málaga, located in the Colombian Pacific of the Valle del Cauca, and the Hipermedia Laboratory (HiperLab) Of the Univeridad del Calle (Colombia), with the purpose of designing collaborative artistic practices as a device for the conservation of the ancestral knowledges of the South Pacifc of Colombia. The ISC are configured as an area for the encounter between different types of knowledge, recognizing the existence and the realization of the other. A scenario where it is possible to imagine, design and constantly recreate reality through the creation of responsible artistic practices with our natural, urban and telematic environment. The instrument and the axis that articulates all the investigative work has been called “Caminandar”, an exploratory field journal that gathers each of the encounters, inquiries and creative practices developed by the interface. “Caminandar” is first and foremost a travel journal, an expanded book that explores the possibilities offered by the hypermedia and transmedia narratives, using different means of plastic expression that go from drawing to virtual reality.