“CAVS/MIT 1968-94” presented by Piene


Session Title:

  • Centers and Institutes for Art and Technology

Presentation Title:

  • CAVS/MIT 1968-94




  • The Center for Advanced Visual Studies of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded in 1968 by Gyargy Kepes to advance interaction among artists, scientists, engineers and to restore the environmental scale of art toward social discourse with society at large_ Otto Piene was its Director from 1977 to 1994. Definition of new media — video / computers, laser, holography — expanded into global communication, sky art and electronic art as social agent. In 25 years, 250 Fellows resided at CAVS and 100 graduates received an MSVS degree. CAVS was the only A-S-T institute during its first decade. After the worldwide proliferation of A-S-T programs —where is CAVS and where is A-5-T now?