“Celebra” presented by Clark


Session Title:

  • Mixed and Augmented Realities

Presentation Title:

  • Celebra



  • In this paper we present Celebra, a massive, sitespecific, interactive installation comprising two hundred balloons, LEDs, custom electronics, and custom software. The artwork allows for different interaction modes: visitors can interact with the piece locally via sound and movements, and remotely via smartphone apps and a dedicated website. The piece can also become an audio-visual performance instrument, allowing its users both direct and high-level control. We will discuss the motivation behind Celebra, its implementation, and technical details.

    In this paper we present Celebra, a massive, interactive, site-specific and remote installation and performance tool. Celebra comprises a suspended network of two hundred balloons. The balloons have a diameter of one-meter and are lit from the inside by LEDs. The installation presents an organic aesthetic that combines the grunginess and DIY style of the underlying electronics with an elaborate visual output and interaction scheme.

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