“Autism And Theory Of Mind In Interactive Spaces” presented by Brown


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  • Mixed and Augmented Realities

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  • Autism And Theory Of Mind In Interactive Spaces




  • How is an Interactive Media Arts practice placed to explore what is often considered a scientific field of research? This paper is a discussion on the main areas of study situating an observational PhD study on non-verbal children with autism. The author suggests that in fact an arts practice allows for more sensitive research and allows natural emergence to explore and facilitate the expression of Theory of Mind and physical consciousness.

    When an arts practitioner moves across disciplines that are considered scientific in nature, such as empirical human research, the rigor of artistic practice may be questioned. If they are not gathering scientific results, what do they consider their research purpose to be? This strange desire for a structured role or title may actually involve overlooking one of the great strengths of the artist; there is a sensitivity associated with an arts practice that allows the practitioner to be flexible and responsive to participant engagement.

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