“CENTRINNO: industrial citizen revolution” presented by Juarez and Unceta


Session Title:

  • Ecological Citizenship

Presentation Title:

  • CENTRINNO: industrial citizen revolution




  • Most European cities, large and small, face the challenge of transforming industrial heritage sites. Industrial areas, once hotspots of infrastructure, workers, knowledge, and innovation, have often been abandoned, reduced or relocated due to urban changes, and a shift towards a global extractive economic model. As a consequence, not only historical buildings are being demolished, but neighborhoods are losing elements of their cultural identity and traditions.

    The importance of preserving aspects of the local identity combined with the necessity of developing a more resilient and sustainable productive model requires innovative strategies for sustainable urban regeneration.

    Within the CENTRINNO Horizon 2020 European Project, Fab Lab Barcelona explores an alternative urban regeneration of Poblenou’s neighborhood in Barcelona as a creative, locally productive, and inclusive hub. The strategies tested by the local team, connected with the Fab City approach for globally connected and locally productive cities and regions, propose a new urban, economic, social and industrial model that fosters local sustainable production and  cross-collaboration with stakeholders and existing initiatives in Poblenou. Maker skills, industrial heritage, manufacturing practices and circular principles are being combined to test a collaborative and inclusive local economy model.



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