“EUR ArTeC in digital art and hydrological ecosystems” presented by Reyes and Burbano


Session Title:

  • Ecological Citizenship

Presentation Title:

  • EUR ArTeC in digital art and hydrological ecosystems




  • The École universitaire de recherche (EUR) ArTeC is a consortium of fourteen French institutions including universities, grandes écoles, museums, and archives. Ar-TeC was established in 2018 at the initiative of universi-ties Paris 8, Nanterre, and Paris Lumière with the inten-tion to consolidate a long-term project on art and science for education and research. In this presentation we high-light some milestones over the last three years of devel-opment. Moreover, special attention will be given to the importance of ArTeC in the development of art-science and humanities-technologies projects. One of the pro-jects that will be showcased is HOM – Hydrology of Me-dia which aims at establishing connections at the cross-ing-boundaries between several disciplines and practices. We also discuss the role of ArTeC as an organizing part-ner of ISEA 2023 ,that will take place in Paris, France.


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