Co-Creation in the Big South Lab


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  • Media, Crafting, Fashion

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  • Co-Creation in the Big South Lab




  • The Patchingzone is a transdisciplinary laboratory for innovation where students and young professionals from different backgrounds create meaningful content. In our laboratories the students and researchers work together, supervised by experts, on commissions with creative use of high-tech materials, digital media. This paper highlights the co-creation processes of two electronic art works that were created as part of the Big South Lab; the Vjacket  coordinated by Andreas Zingerle and Tyler Freeman in collaboration with Kevin Brito and The Big South Orchestra, coordinated by Lars Kynde in collaboration with 12 youngsters from Rotterdam South were the BSL was developed. Big South Lab, executed and initiated by The Patching Zone and its partners, distinguishes itself from competitors and other initiatives through its way of working: above-average students and young professionals addressed a socially relevant project as a team. The team combines some principles of participatory design, co-creation and interactive art.

    This means that stakeholders (young people/residents) play an important role in the design, realisation and distribution process. Their roles vary from designers, usability testers, interns, trend watchers, co-owners of projects. In contrast to the familiar 1970s community-art model, negotiation and collaboration are central at The Patching Zone; thus for example, much work will was done in processes of exchange and peer-to-peer learning processes. In contrast to the Big South Orchestra, the Vjacket an interactive sensor equipped jacket that works as a VJ interface for movement and dancer was developed for and tested by a small group of young people. While the Big South Orchestra was co-developed by its stakeholders, the young people from the neighborhood. In this paper we’ll analyse these collaboration approaches that were applied the Vjacket and Big South Orchestra, what can we learn from these approaches and are these relevant for future projects.

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