“Cognitive Beings: Brain Mechanisms Discussed in Cultural Studies” presented by Nam


Session Title:

  • Interdisciplinar Platforms for Coexistence

Presentation Title:

  • Cognitive Beings: Brain Mechanisms Discussed in Cultural Studies




  • Keywords: Cognitive Science, Cybernetics, Cognisphere, Brain Plasticity, Synapse, Posthumanism, Synaptic Self, Enactivism.

    Cognitive science emerged from an interdisciplinary discussion of information theory, linguistics and psychology among many other disciplines. Since its emergence, it has not only been largely discussed in other disciplines but has also shaped our views and perception of the world. In this paper, I will examine how scholars in cultural studies and philosophers incorporate scientific theories about the brain into their work, and how they bridge scientific knowledge with immediate human experience. Through Katherine Hayle’s notion of the cognisphere, this paper examines the impacts of informatization of human body and cognition within a pyramid of digital data flows between machines. This paper also takes the French philosopher, Catherine Malabou’s observation of the scientific concept of brain activities – brain plasticity and synaptic connection – as a metaphor to identify what is needed in our social engagement.

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