“Commentaries on Metacommentaries on Interactivity” presented by Huhtamo


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  • Essays

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  • Commentaries on Metacommentaries on Interactivity



  • “There is nothing more that can prevent interactivity from becoming the principle and essence of life itself: I am interactive therefore I am.”

    -Pierre Moeglin, ‘Les transes de l’interactivité’

    ‘Interactive computer art’ as become fashion able, undoubtedly as part of the current vogue for anything ‘interactive’. Even the art world is finally showing signs of embracing it. One might argue that the proliferation of forms of computer-mediated interactivity in our everyday lives has already given rise to a new subject position in relation to modes of audiovisual experience. It has been in the making in interactive science museums (such as La Villette in Paris), video game arcades, flight simulators and by PCs in homes and offices.

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