“Colors For All : Immersive Narrative 360 Video for Color Blind Awareness” presented by Chu, Gonzalez, Seo and Kicklighter


Session Title:

  • VR / AR – Social

Presentation Title:

  • Colors For All : Immersive Narrative 360 Video for Color Blind Awareness




  • Colors for All is an immersive narrative VR project that allows participants to put themselves in a colorblind person’s life through three 360-degree videos. The videos are from daily activities such as walking, shopping, and cooking that resonate different challenges from daily life. This project invites normal vision people to experience different types of color blindness and learn about daily challenges. We apply immersive VR narratives with the first-person perspective. The preliminary studies show that participants were very engaged with the project and felt empathy about people different difficulty conditions. We present the overall process of the project and user feedback in this paper.