“Company” presented by Berkoy

  • ©ISEA2016: 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art, Allison Berkoy, Company
  • Virtual model of Company


Session Title:

  • Game Art

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  • Company




  • COMPANY is an interactive multimedia installation, exploring social dynamics within an indeterminate narrative experience, while engaging in unpredictable performances with its participants. Guests enter an installation environment suggesting a living room, and there they encounter a life-sized sculptural relief enlivened with projection, audio, and computer vision. The figure appears to test its visitors with absurd stories and requests, while reacting to participants’ decisions to obey or refuse the demands. COMPANY creates an illusion of complex interaction through sensor tracking, branching narrative pathways, a video bank of responses, and structured randomness. Responses change more radically depending on the number of people in the room and their behaviors. Each encounter unravels divergently, unpredictably, and strangely.

    Iterations of COMPANY have exhibited in New York City and Troy, New York, with a third version currently in development.

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