“Compuser” presented by Detev


Session Title:

  • Music

Presentation Title:

  • Compuser




  • “COMPUSER” concentrates all my researches, experiments and works. It consists of original elements as: (1). Psychoacoustic Model. Via an input of combinations of variables, actions and sequences, universal or individual understandings on all psychoacoustic reflexes provoked by musical phenomena are being produced. Consequently they are being interpreted by an original basic generative hypothesis on the basis of which many generative technologies are elaborated by accumulating different well known composition techniques. As a result we have a musical composition with certain artistic qualities in the given style, genre, musical form etc. Basic editor for creating/filling the knowledge base through the logical knots: dialogue, procedural, terminal, logical. By combining their functional possibilities, a musical semantic network can be described or enlarged. This network can contain all aspects of musical knowledge on a high logical /non programming level. Arcs connect the created knots and play the role of an operation conductor in the network. All described proces is mantained automatically.