“Compositional Approaches to Spatialisation with the speaker.motion Mechatronic Loudspeaker System” presented by Johnson and Kapur


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  • Design, Art, Science and Technology

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  • Compositional Approaches to Spatialisation with the speaker.motion Mechatronic Loudspeaker System




  • Keywords: Mechatronic Instruments, Spatial Performance, Interface Design, New Loudspeaker Systems.

    This paper describes compositional approaches to working with the new speaker.motion mechatronic loudspeaker system. The spatial affordances that come with the new loudspeaker system require new compositional ideas to explore the dynamic use of spatial attributes in electronic music. The speaker.motion system is first introduced and the communication protocols that composer use to control the system are discussed. The paper then continues with two case studies describing site-specific compositions that have been developed for the speaker.motion system each of which uses the spatial affordances of the system at the fore-front of their creative output. In assessing the compositional strategies of the system the paper also includes discussion provided by other composers who have utilized the speaker.motion system and their thoughts on the new ways it affords spatial performance and composition approaches. The paper then concludes with the future directions of both the system and the development of compositions for it.

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