Computers and Sculpture


Session Title:

  • Computers and Sculpture

Presentation Title:

  • Computers and Sculpture



  • Panel Statement

    Purpose: To present and discuss current projects and issues produced by sculptors from North America, the Far East and Europe which demonstrate a variety of applications of the computer to sculpture.


    1. Computer controlled sculpture: Kinetic, light and sound sculpture that responds to the viewer
    2. Computer aided fabrication: Use of CAD and 3-D modeling programs to control cutting machines, laser and water jet tools, as well as the use of the computer in model making.
    3. Sculpture and mathematical visualization: Computer visualization of complex mathematical formulae and genetic evolution applied to form.
    4. Computer assisted presentation: Visualizing the site, lighting and animation. Computers as a design tool and for proposals.
    5. Scientific computer imaging and its implications for sculpture: Futuristic tools and sculptural forms derived from the application of scientific software to sculpture.