Erotics of the Internet


Session Title:

  • Erotics of the Internet

Presentation Title:

  • Erotics of the Internet



  • Panel Statement

    A much celebrated phenomenon of the emergence of the internet and digital media is the possibility for the interrogation of gender, subjectivity and identity. Contemporary art practitioners who investigate these themes have found electronic and online media to be a perfect vehicle for creative? and intellectual application of these ideas. The panel ‘Erotics of the Internet’ will explore how the internet is used to redefine identity and subjectivity and how, in particular, women are using the internet as a source of inspiration and communication. The panel will look at how imagination and desire combine to create textual and visual worlds where identity fantasies can be acted out and gender interrogated and manipulated. The panel will also aim to investigate how online interactions effect ‘real life’ and how the disembodiment of the internet can feed back and influence the corporeality of everyday life. The panel members cross a variety of disciplines including writing, electronic art practice and performance. Their work all shares the common goal of investigating the potential of digital media and in particular the use of online and interactive technologies as an artistic medium.