Confessions of Addiction, Love, and Surgical Musings


Presentation Title:

  • Confessions of Addiction, Love, and Surgical Musings



  • I propose a poetic / performative “reading” of my web site, in which I present my brief paper, Confessions of Addiction, Love & Surgical Musings, as performance text, while navigating the site (please read enclosure). As ritualistic act, the performance would be a poetic decoding and interpretation of my own web site (which is a typical web based documentation of an artist’s work) with/for an audience, mimicking the shaman, mediator between the spirit and physical world; or rather, a psychoanalytic subject who mediates between the “Web God” and ISEA audience. Through the act of interpreting/questioning the meaning of the structure and images of the web site for the audience, contemporary issues addressed by critical readings of electronic media (i.e., spirituality, gendered identity constructions, body boundaries, etc.) would be addressed in a nonobjective language. Literally, I would “point and click” my way through the site while it is being projected and generate “improvisational” poetry and interpretation, in-between sections of the performative reading of Confessions… This performative/reading/ critique/demonstration would provide a stark contrast with more “traditional” presentations that try to articulate issues such as “Where is the subject or body located in electronic-media?” or, “Issues of access and control of electronic-media, and the effects of that control on the individual subject,” in a specialized academic language. The audience would be presented with a subject as it (I) is being [de)constructed, in a manner that requires interpretation and translation. Unlike information as it is generally presented on the Web, this performance will -not- facilitate rapid and unquestioned consumption of information.