Only White Deep White


Presentation Title:

  • Only White Deep White



  • My concern is what is the realizing of a space. Seems to be abstract question only, but it could be probably recognized with three different aspects mainly. The first aspect consists of my personal memory of space. It is the origin—original form of space what had been and would be developed through layers of my subjective experiences about bodily sensation of space. The second aspect is based on the interpretation of space from Japanese view as my origin. The third is the image of space what could be provided and developed with new technical possibilities, especially the use of 3D software. But each component of space could not be defined with one aspect, but these different aspects appear at each moment and overlap each other. At last a space appears like a afterimage in my brain. Only White Deep White is the basic structure of the origin form of space, purity. Between Darkness and Light metamorphoses this purity with colour. The space which appears is constructed by the essential aspects of the subjective aspects such as “I will experience it myself” and “I will let myself experience it: An actual construction of real space, pure white, coexists with the construction of an abstract, computer generated space. The fundamental virtual space is constructed at human scale from materials and textures which can be transferred and built into the real space. At first glance, this space is as though it has its own connection with the real space, but its existence is more likely an idea of space, constructed of pure abstraction because of its virtuality. The space which had been converted into a two-dimensional expression on a monitor is then reconstructed once more in the three-dimensional, real space. Colours project outward, extending the virtual world further into the real. The computer generated simulations are projected on three screens with video beakers in the exhibitions room. In the part of Between Darkness and Light, the slides are projected on the floor with six slide projectors. All simulations and slide projections are synchronized with computer.