“Connected 07” presented by Groenestijn (Cym)


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  • Connected 07



  • Connected:07 is a project that plays with connecting different realities. The project was initiated by cym and consisted of two phases. The first phase, the analog phase, took place during summer 2007 and focused on connections in the real space. The second phase, the digital phase, focused on connecting the real space and the virtual space and was presented in November 2007.

    Real and virtual spaces can be found anywhere. The real space used for Connected:07 is an old farm in South-East Austria, that cym is turning into a small art center. In the first phase of the Connected:07 project, different artists were invited to spend some time at this empty farm and create art works, inspired by the abandoned building, its history and its surroundings.

    Eva Nina Cajnko started the project by creating giant spider webs all around the old house. The spider webs, some of them more than six meters wide, were placed in locations where they are usually removed to clean the house: in a corner above the door, in the attic, in the window. They were made from thin ropes, carefully knotted together, reminiscent of traditional crafts.

    The spider webs were followed by a sound installation made by Luka Princic. He placed his installation inside a wardrobe over 100 years old, that was left in the farm by the woman who used to live there before cym moved in. The sound installation inside the wardrobe encourages the visitor to listen more carefully to the original sounds in and around the house.

    A project that lasted all summer was the pig-project by Belinda and Boris Ziegler. They decided to create a lifesize pig for the pigsty. As a first step, to get the exact measurements for the animal, they measured a real pig in one of the neighbour’s houses. During the next two months a lifesize pig, made from wood, chicken wire, old newspapers and finally polyester, slowly emerged.

    Artists: Belinda Ziegler, Eva Nina Cajnko, Franz Bauer, Luka Princic, Nicole Pruckermayr, Primoz Oberzan, cym

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