Constructing “Film of Sound”


Presentation Title:

  • Constructing “Film of Sound”




  • “Film of Sound” is a video installation (and live performance) in which the screen is placed at the center or “sweet spot” of an acoustic space. Rather than acting as a window onto another 3D world, the screen becomes a semiotic surface for the 3D audio space; a skin of image and text on the body of sound. A collaboration between Roger Dean (sound), Will Luers (video) and Hazel Smith (text) the video surface hints at a narrative trajectory — a sleeping man, an evening in a hotel room, a journey across vast and challenging spaces – but the work remains open, as image follows the patterns and textures of sound rather than a pre-scripted narrative. In this talk, Will Luers will present the 10-minute video and discuss the indeterminate and remix processes involved in the collaboration and, in particular, the challenges of imaging sound.