Convergent journeys


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  • Performance (Papers)

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  • Convergent journeys




  • This essay is an examination of the ongoing dialogue and negotiation of multiple subjectivities in the shifting contexts and spaces of the postmodern traveller. A number of approaches, including migrancy, hybridity, identity, deterritorialisation, digital media and installation are considered.It is put forward that the projected digital space serves as mediator to encode the fluid contemporary condition, capturing it in the floating structure of the digital artwork and its capacity to challenge time and space. The permeable multi‑layered structures of the digital are an analogue for the flow of interactions arising from multiplicity of positions that evoke and transfigure the fragmentary and transient journey of the traveller. The research explores the complex relationship between art and technology to express the flow and exchange of an itinerant journey within the digital landscape of bits and bytes.