“Museums: A study of attractiveness on social networks” presented by Araujo


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  • Performance (Papers)

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  • Museums: A study of attractiveness on social networks




  • The observation period and data collection was from August 2013 to December 2013. During this period the weekly report about the most engaging Facebook content provided by Museum_Analytics platform was the basis for the research. 22 reports, 220 posts and numerous comments were analyzed.  A sample size of 220 posts is not sufficiently large to generate statistically relevant results but it was possible to map similarities between the posts.

    Example: On August 17, 2013 MoMA posted on their official Facebook page a post that contained an amazing image that brings a dramatic and mysterious scene. Additionally invited the public to know details of the artwork on the museum site. It was the eighth most liked post of the week of August 12 to August 18, 2013. There were more than 100 comments, among them, many comments suggesting deepening of structured content and research by the public. In the same week the post number 1, the most liked, belonged to Saatchi Gallery. An image, short text, no popular artist and no link. Over 300 comments were analyzed. Being the most comments of admiration as “good art”, really nice “,” Love 1″.

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