“Creativity and imagination in the history of art and physics” presented by Wilde


Session Title:

  • Science and Art: Quantum Physics - The Affect of Quantum Phenomena on Media Art

Presentation Title:

  • Creativity and imagination in the history of art and physics




  • The connections between art and science, and the potential outcome of cross-linking both, are of great interest. In this paper I will explore the creative potential of hacking the substrate of the Universe and quantum noise. Art and science should each be evaluated on their own merit, and both are equally important in our quest to understand our world and to enrich our experiences. For the author physics is one of the greatest mysteries of them all, the mystery of understanding the fabric of reality. Creativity and imagination are enormously important in the history of physics because often the hardest part has been having creativity and imagination to question assumptions that everybody else has bought into. Imagination is crucial for imagining how things could be different. The author uses his artistic praxis, art historical knowledge and keen interest in the sciences as a starting point to explore the notions of the hole, randomness, true random number generation, quantum physics, the vacuum and vacuum noise. The first part ofthe talk explores scientific concepts; the second part focuses on the arts and artistic output. By setting up a lab experiment to measure quantum fluctuations and applying mathematics in custom made software, the author discusses visualizing the invisible by materializing his subjects through 3D printing.

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