Dance of Infinity


Session Title:

  • Dance

Presentation Title:

  • Dance of Infinity




  • The main subject of this artist talk is the discussion between “analogue” and “digital” and “virtual reality” and “natural world” , As technology develops, Virtual reality is becoming a huge part of People’s lives, and many analogue things has been replaced by digital over past years. But on the other hand, we still emphasize the importance of physical space and analogue.

    In this confusing transition period what is the virtue we need to follow, does Virtual Reality (VR) can alter our state of consciousness? Or we need to take close look what happened to analog while everyone is watching digital?

    Also, end of the talk, the artist going to introduce her project ‘Dance of infinity’, by this hybrid ritualistic dance which made by combining layers of digital moving with analogue still images, the artist Red Pig Flower examines the existing relationship between cyberspace and reality.