“Data Interconnectivity: The ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Art Archive” presented by Mitchell and Searleman


Presentation Title:

  • Data Interconnectivity: The ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Art Archive




  • This institutional presentation focuses on the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Art Community Committee’s effort to preserve past art show materials in an online multimodal interactive archive. A team consisting of Bonnie Mitchell and Jan Searleman as codirectors and Bowling Green State University (USA) undergraduate students have worked on developing the back-end infrastructure and content for this archive for nearly 4 years. They are currently adding innovative inter-connections between the data, proofing the content and finding missing materials. This presentation will showcase the overall structure of the archive and highlight how the interface enables easy access to relevant data. The project has involved formatting and adding over 8000 assets and writing code to create automatically generated pages from templates and cross connections between data. Future goals are to develop visualizations and to add additional ways to connect the data to international scholarly indexes.

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