Presentation Title:

  • De/composing




  • Societies across the globe seem intent on moving technologically forward while increasingly synthesizing urban life, as if the only way to move forward is to leave all else behind. However, we are not predetermined to continue down this path. We do not need to abandon Nature or our natural selves in pursuit of progress. Rather, we may seek to preserve our bodily experiences and evolve through our emerging technologies. The world and its inhabitants are endlessly de/composing around us. My hybrid art practice embodies this notion; I de/compose organic and synthetic forms, breaking down and reassembling the aged with the new, in pursuit of hybrid evolution. Interactive technologies give life to my experimental art objects, creating tangible memories, sensorial vignettes bridging body, nature, and technology. I do so in hopes that one day we will learn how to achieve our own hybrid evolution. My latest experiments, Heartwood and Prey, utilize simple and intimate forms of interactivity. Technology lives quietly in the background, allowing users to reflect directly on the materiality of these objects and their own sensorial experiences without distraction.