Deep Dish Satellite Network


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  • Mediated Nations

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  • Deep Dish Satellite Network



  • The tactic of using time on satellite for diffusion by community groups has been the premise of Deep Dish TV Deep Dish compiles local programming from across the United States (and international programmes as well) around specific themes such as health care, housing, militarism and justice and has rented time on commercial transponders. The principle targets for Deep Dish transmissions are the receivers (dishes]) at local cable channels, where the programmes are then taped and used on local access and educational channels. Central to any project for constructing alternatives, is the necessity of a vigilent opposition to commercial media. The notion of non-commercial public interest media is in direct opposition to the commercial logic that has overtaken the world. We need strategies that take initiative, that go beyond the flea-market, beyond being parasites, beyond cyber hacking. If we want to stop the Titanic, we need to study ice berg construction.