Design for posthuman future


Session Title:

  • Interactive storytelling and memory building

Presentation Title:

  • Design for posthuman future




  • Abstract

    Present HCI research and interaction design theory tackle numbers of issues related to digital divide, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, ecological awareness and other challenges of the globalized and technically altered world. The traditional problems of ergonomics, different attempts to enhance the cognitive abilities with better GUI or user experiences and cooperation in interactive or participatory design, are giving place to more complex problems involving large groups of users and stakeholders but also different environments and institutions. Biological, social, political, geographical and various other aspects are becoming part of almost every design problem and the goal is to create solutions that affect whole ecosystems, habitats and institutions rather than just building a tool for a group of users. Users which were marginalized or simply ignored but also whole ecosystems and different institutions become active participants in this design process and influence the outcomes.