“Digital Anthropophagy” presented by Ramos-Velasquez


Presentation Title:

  • Digital Anthropophagy




  • Who discovered whom? Was it the Portuguese discovering the native Brazilians just because of the effort in building the caravels, setting them onto the ocean and embarking on the long trip? Why not the other way around? Just because the indigenous people were in a passive position of merely having their eyes open and seeing the foreigners arrive? Who ate whom? Since your discovery, you have taken our colors to brighten with a brilliant red your ecclesiastics and royals, while we contaminated you with our tireless smiles. Now let us taste you in your new garments. We’d like to see through your engorged eyes and incorporate your assimilated happiness. It’s too late to turn back and contest it. Let’s accept the past, but turn the table onto the future. We ate everything and swallowed it dry, but now may we spit it out with a lot of flavor to make good for the foreigners’ eyes and leave them hypnotized with so much hunger. Our pau-brasil wood was taken away, we were left with just a name: Brazil, while getting stuck with a stick. So, cover your assets, ‘cuz now it’s our turn at bat’. Pindorama is no longer! Never! No going back! Hail to the technologic indigenous of the digital revolution who wants more than a whistle blower toy.