Presentation Title:

  • Dynamobilities



  • HOW DO WE EXPERIENCE SPACE in the American southwest? Usually through the window of a fast-moving machine. Unlike the pedestrian-based cities of Europe, modern cities here grew in tandem with rail and highway systems, and this history has given us an accelerated perspective on the landscape. We have built our lives around these machines at speed. They have become our homes, dining rooms, offices, and identities. we spend money and time on comfort, style, and utility and dot the landscape with our custom cars, motorcycles, and pick-up trucks. Hot rodding, stock car and drag racing, demolition derbies, car shows, motorcycle clubs, and psychedelic vans all define our car culture and our artifacts are custom-fitted to this lifestyle, with popular films like Easy Rider and technological developments like mobile phones and GPS. The ISEA subtheme of Dynamobilities attempts to address the phenomena of mobile machines and their local and global manifestations, implications, and futures. Specifically, Dynamobilities has been created to investigate more sustainable solutions to mobility in both physical and virtual space.