Digitized Bodies Visual Spectacle


Session Title:

  • Bio-Architectures Virtual Cities: The Revolutionary Human-Machine Community

Presentation Title:

  • Digitized Bodies Visual Spectacle



  • The rapidity and magnitude of recent advances in enhanced imaging and visualization technologies, have contributed to a significant shift in common perceptions of the human body. From physics to cosmetic surgery, imaging is changing the way we see. This ‘visual’ revolution has been achieved through prosthetic science, simulation technologies, informatics, biomedical engineering and most importantly, visualization techniques. The fractured parts can be isolated and when necessary replaced, reassembled. These manipulations created a dramatic change in the relationship between humans and machines. The resulting intimacy became further intensified by theories claiming that consciousness — have opened the door to the possibilities of humanizing electronic technologies. While the ethical and practical features of these developments permeate practically every aspect of our daily life, the consequences are far from clear. Critical discourses by artists working with scientific sources through imaging technologies are of extreme importance. It is in the contemplation of the discourse re the transforming body vis-a-vis the manifestations of the digital ‘revolution’ that we might gain a better understanding of our current perceptions and insight onto the future.