Nina Czegledy

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  • KMDI, University of Toronto, Concordia University, Montreal/ Moholy Nagy University, and Crossing Over, Mediastudies, Artist, Curator, and Educator

ISEA Bio(s) Available:

  • ISEA2017

    Nina Czegledy, curator, Hungary/Canada

    ISEA 2014

    Nina Czegledy, University of Toronto, CA

    ISEA 2013

    Nina Czegled (Hungary), University of Toronto / Concordia University, Montreal, Canada


    Nina Czegledy, media artist, curator and educator, works internationally on collaborative art and science/technology projects, as well as in education. She has led, or been a key contributor to, numerous education workshops, forums and festivals around the world. Czegledy has published widely in books and journals and has presented at several international conferences and academic institutions. Current art projects include Aura/Aurora (2010, 2011) a collaborative interactive audio-visual environment, and Visual Collider (2009-2011 with Marcus Neustetter). Recent curatorial projects include: The Pleasure of Light, co-curated with Rona Kopeczky, Ludwig Museum Budapest 2010, Gdanks 2011; co-curator 3rd Quadrilateral Biennial (Rijeka Croatia 2009) Device Art in Budapest (Hungary 2009); co-curator e-mobile Art, the European Mobile Lab 2007-2009 (an EU project); and organizing team member for SCANZ 2011 Eco Sapiens (New Plymouth, New Zealand 2011).  She is also Senior Fellow at KMDI (Knowledge Media Design Institute) at the University of Toronto; Adjunct Associate Professor Concordia University, Montreal; Senior Fellow, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest; contributing editor to the Leonardo Electronic Almanac; Research Fellow, Intercreate Org., New Zealand; and member of the Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Techno-Sciences scientific committee.


    Award winning media artist, curator, educator, works internationally on collaborative art & science & technology and educational, projects. Her artistic practice is centered on the changing perception of the environment and the human body. Her lectures have been published in numerous books and journals. The Pleasure of Light, her most recent curatorial project premiers in September 2010 at the Ludwig Museum, Budapest.

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  • Budapest, Hungary

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  • CA

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