Divided We Speak


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  • Divided We Speak



  • Divided We Speak is an interactive media laboratory for Miroslaw Rogala’s Divided We Stand (An Audience Interactive Media Symphony in Six Movements) featuring (Art)n Laboratory PHSColograms/Virtual Photography with interactive sounds. This work is being presented at the MCA Video Gallery Presentation from August 30 through November 9, 1997, and at the MCA Electronic Gallery from September 16 through November 9, 1997. An artist’s gallery talk featuring Miroslaw Rogala with (Art)n, Alan Cruz, Steve Boyer and Mac Rutan will be presented Saturday, September 27..

    Featuring Artists: Ken Nordine; Jennifer Guo; Urszula Dudziak; Werner Herterich; Michael Iber; Jeffrey Krieger; Kristan Nordine.

    Guest Artists: Ascott; John Boesche; Jan Erkert & Dancers; The Lira Ensemble; Cathleen Schandelmeier; John Sturgeon; Andrea Arsenault; Abu Ansari; and others.

    Technical support for Divided We Speak is provided in cooperation with: Apple Computers Inc, (Art)n Laboratory, DigiDesigns, IBM Personal Computers, Opcode Systems, Passport, Macromedia, Rent Com, Skyboy Inc, Swell, and ZZounds Music Distribution Center