“duliö Olé! – A mobile, swarm-intelligence based football game” presented by Bauer


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  • Technologies of Place 2

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  • duliö Olé! - A mobile, swarm-intelligence based football game




  • Game proposal for the European Football Championship 2008 Austria – Switzerland.

    The internet pioneer Howard Rheingold predicts in his book “Smart Mobs – The Next Social Revolution” that collaboration, mobile communication and permanent internet connectivity will mutually amplify. Thereby, the idea of a “virtual” community overlaps with real life. Zorah Mari Bauer’s artistic research project “Viennese Stories” focuses on the potential of this “social revolution”.

    “Viennese Stories” is a collection of mobile location based concepts which exemplify co-creative and user oriented applications. It focuses on social tools which are embedded within existing communicative “ways of live”. Handy-cam and micro blogging, buddy functions, telephony, bulletin boards, chat, etc. do not only exist in “virtuality” anymore. They are also usable directly within the experience context of the user. Location based services provide these ways of communication with a real spatial basis. Welcome to the world of games 3.0! Mobile collaborative gaming cultures become available by means of the new parameter “location”, adding the proximity of social acting and behaving.

    The lecture states that these new formats are based on real life. They are not only creating new potentials for gaming, but also real social possibilities which have to be shaped accordingly. This is exemplified by means of the swarm-based football game “duliö Olé!” which is part of the application oriented research project “Viennese Stories”.

    Game Concept
    During the European Football Championship 2008 and especially for the finals, numerous fans will visit the city of Vienna. Duliö Olé! offers the fans the opportunity to play a common game while lingering through the city. The special thing about Duliö Olé! is that on a virtual playing fi eld with real geographical reference, a virtual match-ball has to be moved into the goal by means of the usage of mobile phones. The teams do not consist of dedicated players. Everyone with a mobile device can join spontaneously, thereby becoming part of (and contributing to) the “swarm-intelligence”. At the beginning of the European Championship, the fans vote by means of SMS which national team they want to send to the fi nals. The two teams with the most votes will compete in the game.

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