“Intersection of the New Technologies in the Creation of Images (fine art) at the End of the XX Century” presented by Bastos and Lopes


Session Title:

  • Histories of Media Arts

Presentation Title:

  • Intersection of the New Technologies in the Creation of Images (fine art) at the End of the XX Century




  • Introduction
    Technology has always been developed into perfecting the image and this may be seen as our beliefs and wills for understanding the world through its appearance. Technologies have always been present throughout the art history due to their intrinsic connection with image production, therefore we will reflect to what extent digital technology interferes with contemporary artistic procedures. The work is a combinatory addition of mobile probabilities, where the spectator is placed and transformed, allowing a mutation of attitudes, creating a complex and paradoxical situation, because nobody wants to state a model (in the sense of a truth), but an opening path for the physical and intellectual experience of art.

    Framework of the problem
    The focus of this paper is the result of the intersection between technology and interactivity, which drives us to perceive the development of the idea of shared production. The work, on being revealed in the aspiration of interactivity enounces a positioning that is linked to the technological means, on space and proceedings issues. Art is indeed a product of the human freedom, not seen as a need of the instinct face to the intention, but a primordial freedom, without direct intention as an orientation, where one finds out the causes and tries to foresee the consequences.

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